Saturday, July 13, 2013

Cancun Real Estate and the 2012 Mayan Year of Rebirth

Cancun, which lies along Mexico's only Caribbean coast, has been busy celebrating the Mayan Year of Rebirth since late in 2011, but there are still dozens of events for visitors to enjoy that will take place between now and Dec. 21, 2012. If you haven't already heard, this date marks the end of the traditional Mayan calendar and symbolically welcomes in a new era for Cancun real estate and the entire world. According to legend, 2012 was calculated by the ancient Mayan culture to signify the beginning of a new age, say modern-day scientists and archaeologists.

In celebration of this monumental historical event, Cancun's eco-archaeological park Xcaret will offer a variety of special themed events for families to enjoy over the coming months. The events will allow visitors to learn more about the ancient Mayan culture first hand, including special programming that is designed to educate travelers about holidays such as the Day of the Dead, which falls on Nov. 1 every year, and a nightly show to commemorate the ancient Mayans, which will be held in the Tiachco area of the Xcaret Park. Xcaret will also free 104 macaws on Dec. 21 and 22 in celebration of the event and will offer guided tours of jungle trails as well as a gala dinner on the night of Dec. 21 that will include a traditional Mayan mean, dancing and a special tribute.

Xel-ha, which is also an ecological park that is located in the region near Cancun real estate, is home to the largest natural aquarium in the world, which boasts an enormous lagoon that juts out into the warm waters of the Caribbean Sea. Here also, a variety of events will celebrate the renewal that is signified by the calendar's end, including monthly meditation sessions and yoga classes that are held on the beach overlooking the tranquil waters of the Caribbean Sea, to allow visitors the opportunity to enjoy a time of peace and harmony in this stunning locale.

Finally, Xel-ha will offer evening candlelight ceremonies on Dec 20 and 22 in celebration of the dawning of a new era. The ceremonies will include hundreds of floating candles to create an enchanting atmosphere. From Dec. 17 through Dec. 22 the park will also offer nightly dinner parties hosted by local astronomers who will teach visitors about the historical and astronomical significance of the ancient Mayan predictions. If you haven't made plans yet to visit Cancun while this special event is taking place, now is the time!

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