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3 Reasons to Hire a Property Management Company to Run Your Real Estate Investment Property

Real Estate Investment sounds like a cool thing to do during the weekend but the problem arises when you start having to many properties to handle. The solution to your real estate investment problem would be to hire a property manager who can then run your property for you and deal with any problems that may arise. The key is to get a reliable person who can then do any repairs or maintenance work for you.

This article will highlight three additional reasons why you might want to hire a property management company to look after your real estate investment property for you.

Firstly, you might be a busy professional or business person during the weekdays and you do not want to run around looking for a plumber or roof repairer sometime during the week. Time is valuable also if you have several properties that you own and it does not make sense to baby sit your properties.

Thus you would do well to remember that your monthly income is dependent on the number of deals that you can find to add to your real estate investment portfolio. Get your focus right and you will make more money from your real estate investments.

Secondly, proximity is a key issue. One real estate investment author states that he does not own property unless it is within one mile from his own residence. If you want to look after your own properties it is fine but you must be able to go down and take a look if there is any issue arising from your properties.

Note that returns from both offshore rentals and capital appreciation currently in places like Dubai might prove more lucrative so if you are looking into offshore real estate investment, hiring a property management company is a must. Similarly, if you are looking at investing in property outside the state that you reside in, it will be necessary for you to hire a property management company to look after your property.

Thirdly, if you are new to the type of property class, you might want to consider employing the services of a property management company. For example if you have been involved in residential real estate for a long time and you decide to expand to commercial real estate, you might not be familiar with the documentation, the procedures and the possible problems that may arise from such real estate. Hiring a property management company therefore may help you solve some of your transition problems and like mentioned earlier free you to explore other real estate investments.

In conclusion, real estate investment property when done on a small scale in your locality may be okay for a while but when your investments start getting numerous and unwieldy, you might want to tap on the services of a property management company to help you manage your properties thus freeing you to look for more property deals.

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Best Insurance Quotes Or Quick Insurance Quotes

Some of us will blithely continue with the same Insurance premium year after year and some will ask around and get some quick insurance quotes but not necessarily the best insurance quotes and then without much further consideration take the cheaper and that's it. The attitude here is is that there is little difference in the market of Insurance Quotes.

The reality of the car insurance market teaches us differently! There is a wide difference in car insurance comparison quotes with premiums varying by hundreds of dollars and while getting quick insurance quotes for our auto we should also be careful to get enough comparative quotes to get not simply the cheapest but the best insurance quotes

To get the best insurance quotes going for the current year you will need some basic internet skill and gather up to 50 quotes for comparison. Unfortunately the journey doesn't end there because the Insurance companies want your details and the form filling for each company is a basic requirement before they will part with info about their best car insurance estimate.

All auto insurance groups have their vested interest in getting your information and they will keep it on record to make persistent offers over the years ahead so don't be surprised when you give out your details to Insurance companies they see you as a lifelong target.You of course can short circuit the ongoing email barrage by unsubscribing but many don't do this and sometimes the unsubscribe on the emails are well concealed even though by law they are supposed to be clearly present.

You will need to supply,in most cases,everything from driving violations to your age and gender. They will want to know about where your car is parked be it under locked cover protection or street parking and your estimated commercial value of your car. Give them the info and they will supply you with their best insurance rate. Be sure to keep copies of the first application and you can just rinse and repeat for other Insurance companies.

Its also important to do your checking about the reliability of various companies. You may think you have the best insurance rate with an offer that covers all the requirements you have asked for and is a reasonable dollar figure giving you the best deal out there. However anecdotal evidence and reviews on the net may tell you the company you have chosen is not great for reliability and will give you the run around with the finer print conditions making it hard to get a claim through should the need arise. So the getting the best insurance quotes also includes avoiding the tricky dickies of the insurance industry.

Now as you set about the task of getting the best of motor insurance quotes allow a day of intensive searching and form filling and get at least 50 quotes. While this will be a pain now the pain you will avoid later by getting the best Insurance quotes will mean more money in your pocket and honest insurance for your vehicle if you car is ever damaged or stolen.

How to Invest in Real Estate and Minimize Risk - 5 Suggestions For New Investors!

Anyone with enough money and a decent credit score can purchase investment property. Real estate investing is not rocket science. You find a property, contract with the seller, obtain your financing, and sign around on all the dotted lines. Voila! you just became the proud owner of a rental property and CEO of your own personal investment group.

Simplified, of course, but the point is that simply buying an investment property does not suggest prudent real estate investing. Many real estate investors jump into deals where they get burned financially; cursing the day they became a landlord.

This article might not prevent that; nonetheless, it might offer several suggestions that help real estate investors minimize the risk. The list is not exhaustive, nor necessarily the most crucial. They are meant simply to share a couple of things learned along the way with new real estate investors who might not have considered them otherwise.

Suggestion One: Create a meaningful investment plan. Think about what you can logically expect to achieve, write it down, clearly define it, and use it as a foundation for all your subsequent investment decisions. Every acquisition should be part of an investment plan, and when a property can fit into the plan without overburdening or sidetracking you from your goals, pursue it; otherwise walk away.

Suggestion Two: Keep in mind that "only women are beautiful." Avoid the temptation to purchase investment property because you are enamored with the waving palm trees or arched doorways. Amenities, other than those that might promote an increase in rents or occupancy, have little bearing on income property profitability or rate of return. How much money does it make? That is the real question.

Suggestion Three: Understand that you make money when you buy, not when you sell. Base a buying decision on a property's "real numbers" and not "pie-in-the-sky" numbers concocted by over-zealous sellers. Crunch the numbers yourself. If your numbers do not support a property's selling price and the seller is reluctant to listen, better to walk away then to "hope for" appreciation. It is always best to adopt the philosophy, "buy on Monday what can be sold on Friday."

Suggestion Four: Think about resale before you buy. Similar to the previous suggestion, we include it because it expands the argument and does add a point worth considering during your buying decision. Focus on reselling the property. Bear in mind that the same things you care about such as cash flow, financing, operating expenses and tax benefits are what a buyer will care about in the future. Before you buy, run the numbers to see what the property looks like in the future holding to the idea, "if it's not worth selling, it's not worth buying."

Suggestion Five: Remember, you are buying cash flow not a home. Unlike a house, where you shelter your family and raise your children, the purpose of real estate investing (at least it should be) is for you to make money. If a property appears to be profitable, try not to walk away from it merely because it is not where you would want to live or the tenants are not especially to your liking. This is not to suggest you purchase a "cheap" property in an area with known drug, prostitution, or gang activity (that would violate many of the suggestions above). The idea is more common sense then that. That you should not walk away from a potential moneymaker simply because the neighborhood is somewhat run down or the tenants drive an older vehicle. You want to feel safe going to the property (of course), just allow for the probability that you will never live there.

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Selecting Real Estate Investing Properties

When investing in real estate, you need to know what kind of an investor you are before you begin. This will help to limit your research and time requirements. Are you conservative or aggressive? Do you demand security or are you wiling to take a little risk? How will your decisions affect the financial independence of you and your family? How sophisticated of an investor are you? Have you made many investments in the past? Is your family comfortable with your investment plan?

You must also consider your time horizons, both for yourself and your goals. Do you know how long you will own the property? How many years till retirement, college, etc. Maybe you need different time horizons for different properties. Everyone will have different needs based on their individual time horizons.

What resources do you have available for investing in Real Estate? Will you have enough for a 3 to 6 month reserve? How committed are you to your goals? What do you qualify for?

One of the most important questions is why do you want to invest. Is it for retirement? Are you looking to accumulate wealth? Will you be facing college expenses? Perhaps what you want is financial freedom, caring for aging loved ones, etc.?

What do you want real estate to do for you? Are you looking for cash flow? Are you anticipating increases in value to grow your wealth? Do you have some income you wish to shelter from taxes. Perhaps you have a need for all three. In this case you need to combine several strategies.
I am going to talk in general terms for a moment. It will be your job to apply the following information to your own personal situation to help you determine what types of properties you should be looking for.
The best strategy I have found for choosing a property to invest in is too first determine what area to invest in. Hopefully you now have a good idea of where you want to look based on the information already covered. You will then want to do your research. Call some property managers in those areas and ask what the demand is for rentals in the area that you wish to purchase in. Whatever the vacancy factor, make sure you adjust for it when analyzing a property.

I always like to ask property managers what kind of properties are in demand. Are renters looking for 1, 2 or 3 bedrooms? Are they looking for apartments or houses? Who are my renters going to be? Where do they work? Are the industries that employ them going to continue? Are there military bases or Universities near by? Is the area maintaining or declining? Are there any new companies moving into the area? Get to know the market and how your property will fit in that market before you buy.

So what kind of property should I buy? Here is where I have to speak in general terms. If you are looking for capital appreciation, I typical recommend one to four unit properties. These are single family homes, duplexes, triplexes and fourplexes. You can usually get lower down payments loans that will allow you to use greater leverage. Your cash flow may not be as good, but if you are in your peak earning years, it may not matter as much to you. This strategy also works well if you are just getting started or you don't have a lot of capital to invest with. When you are ready to retire you can exchange your highly appreciating properties for properties with greater cash flow.

If you have a little more money to invest you may want to look for larger buildings or commercial properties that will cash flow better. They usually require more money down. Your capital will not usually grow as quickly, but you will more than likely receive greater income from it. It's important to buy properties that are consistent with your goals.

Friday, December 27, 2013

Getting Your Real Estate Investment Property Ready For Sale

The purpose of any real estate investment property is to sell it and make a profit at some stage, whether it is immediately after renovation or sometime later after it has been rented out for a while.

Whatever the time lapse between acquiring the property and selling it you need to start thinking about resale from the very beginning. Seasoned investors know this all too well and they often factor in resale in their decision making processes.

Selling immediately after renovation

If you are selling your real estate investment property immediately after renovation then the key is to make only the changes that are absolutely necessary. Avoid making changes to the home simply because you would like to.

Think very careful about the practicality of the changes and whether doing the work would increase the property's resale value; if it doesn't then don't do it.

Consider carefully the fixtures and fittings you are placing in your real estate investment property. The fixtures and fittings you would like to see in your own home are not the ones you should have in your investment property unless it is in a very upmarket area and you know you will recoup the cost when you sell.

Just make sure any work done is completed to a high standard and any guarantees are provided in writing. Walk around checking everything and creating a snagging list before the workmen have gone and you have made final payment on the work. Make sure the property is clean and that you have taken all practical steps to secure a quick sale as you don't want your investment sitting around for too long. After all, time is money.

Don't get carried away by your emotions. Many rookie investors make this mistake and it costs them dearly.

Selling after a period of renting out your property

If you are selling your real estate investment property after a period of renting it out then there are a few more things you need to take into consideration when getting your property ready for sale.

One of the most important things to think about and make a definite decision on is what to do about your current tenants, if you have some. Do you give them notice and then start preparation of the property for the market or do you sell the property as is with tenants in situ. There is no right or wrong answer as both have their advantages.

Selling a real estate investment with a tenant in situ particularly if they have at least 6 months on their lease and are willing to stay; means that the potential buyer can start counting the money as they do not have to spend time and money looking for a tenant.

If you have chosen to get rid of the tenant and do any necessary work to upgrade the property this can also be a good option as the potential buyer does not necessarily have to be an investor but any person just looking for a home. This means you have a wider market from which to find a potential buyer.

Selling property is a cut throat business. Don't make mistakes that will give your competitors your buyer. Make sure you have done everything to secure that all important sale. Make smart decisions about where and what changes will add the most value to your investment. Visiting a few houses that are competing with yours to see what changes they have done is also a good idea.

Look at the tips in this article and implement as many as you can if not all of them. Now your real estate investment is ready for sale, open your doors to potential buyers and you can concentrate on your next project.

Wednesday, December 25, 2013

How to Choose Real Estate Investment Property

The first decision you must make before looking for your real estate investment property is on the type of property you want. There are a number of factors to consider before you make your decision because each differs from the other.

In this article, we'll examine in general terms what to look for regardless what type you decide on and then consider five common types of real estate investment property.

What to Look For

1) General location - Location, location, location is the mantra in real estate. Unless the property is located in an area that will sustain or boast rents, and in turn be able to be sold for a profit, forget it.

2) Site improvements - Does the property require repairs that might eat away at your cash flow, or are there repairs that can be made that would substantially increase your cash flow and return?

3) The lease form used - In the case of a commercial building are you locked in to a favorable or very unfavorable lease? In other words, are you buying a favorable or unfavorable income, and for how long?

4) The income produced - How much income does the income property generate and is it realistic, and can it be sustained? Is there room to increase the income?

5)  Type of expenses - What does it take to keep the property operational? Is there anything out of the ordinary, and is there a chance that some expenses can be reduced or eliminated?

7) Management requirements - Will the property require a professional management company, perhaps a resident manager, or is it something you can handle.

8) Financing - Can you leverage the property? What about the rates and terms will you and/or the investment property qualify for the best loan possible? What are the loan payments?

9) Depreciation benefits available - How much of your income can you defer by depreciating the property?

10) Unique features - Is there anything about this particular investment that sets it apart from other real estate investment opportunities? Perhaps its location, construction, or maybe it offers great upside potential. 

Types of Investment Real Estate

1) Apartment Complex - This is the most popular form of real estate investing and can include anything from a duplex to a high-rise building. The size and mix of the individual apartments are usually keyed to local market demands and typically include studio apartments and larger. Apartments can be rented on an annual lease basis or month-to-month. When present, coin-operated laundries and storage facilities or garages can produce a small addition income fro the owner. A well-managed apartment complex can be a highly profitable investment and a great way for new investors to get started.

2) Office Buildings - This type of investment property requires more savvy then multifamily property, so first time investors should be cautious. Office buildings are generally leased on a square footage basis rather than a flat price per unit; typically including a cost for a proportionate share of common areas like entrances and hallways. Depending on the lease, tenants might also be required to pay a proportionate share for parking lot and roof maintenance, and as a rule, tenants will pay all or part of the cost of finishing the interior of his suite. Office buildings generally make for a sound and relatively easy-to-manage investment.

3)  Shopping Centers - In many parts of the country this type of real estate investment is very popular, but as with office buildings, contain some unique features of which an individual investor should be cognizant. A shopping center can mean anything from a couple of stores (known as a strip center) to large regional malls. Tenants generally sign a lease and are expected to share in the cost of maintaining the common parking lots, landscaping, daily cleaning of the grounds, etc. in what is known as common area maintenance (CAM) charges. Small neighborhood centers with a moderate cash requirement can be a great way for a beginner to start in this type of investment.

4) Warehouses and Industrial Buildings - Rental warehouses provide small-to-large bays or rooms used for storage and small workshops. These typically rent on a month-to-month basis and thus (because tenants can move out at anytime) make it one of the least stable of all real estate investments. Industrial buildings are usually characterized as larger space and generally leased on longer terms to more stable tenants such as manufacturing plants. The ultimate investment here is a "sale/leaseback" situation wherein a major company sells you their building and then leases it back from you on a net basis but are difficult to find because they are excellent investments.

5) Mobile Home Parks - This type of real estate investment has become one of the most sought after in recent years because it provides retirement-age people and young couples a reasonably priced home. In this case, a pad with water, sewer and electricity hookups, plus a concrete patio area and tie down rings is rented to someone who wants to place a mobile home there. Other improvements include the streets (which may be deeded to the local municipality, thereby relieving the owner of street maintenance), recreation facilities (perhaps with a building), and laundry facilities. Because mobile home parks are profitable and easy to manage, they can make for a very good investment.  

Entire books have been written on the five forms of real estate investments and we obviously kept it very brief just to give you an idea. Hopefully it helps your real estate investing strategy, though.

We should also mention that you should never purchase investment property without doing a thorough real estate analysis. Quality real estate investment software makes it very easy. So be sure to check it out. Here's to your success.

Monday, December 23, 2013

Florida Investment Real Estate and What Are Considerations Before Buying

Investment Real Estate, First Things First

Considering investing in property? What are some pertinent things to consider before taking this leap? Of all the investment possibilities, investment in land generally produces the most positive results. It is vital, however, to carefully investigate the pros and cons, benefits and deficits of real estate investment. Most people look at investment real estate as risky and feel woefully inadequate to tackle this form of investing. They feel lost, not knowing where to even begin!

A multitude of information is available and knowing how to search can seem daunting. A web site search will produce boatloads of information, some valuable and some not. Some key words to search are real estate investment, investment property, and investing in real estate. This will begin the process for you. Not all available information is worth your time, however. Beware when the site promises high return for little down. Also beware of sites whose main goal is to solicit your money. Web searching is one form of research. Another is talking to a reputable real estate broker or real estate lawyer. One of the best sources of information is a friend you trust who has done real estate investing. A trustworthy friend who started as a novice and progressed to real investing is probably your best source of reliable information. Their voice of experience rings the loudest since they are a layman like you who had to discover for themselves each step of the way how to make successful investments.

Investment Real Estate, Rental Units

Let's look at some sound reasons for investing in real estate. Real estate generally appreciates at a greater rate than the rate of inflation and offers great tax benefits. Selecting real estate in a desirable location will prove to be profitable especially in burgeoning areas, usually in suburbs which are a reasonable commute to city jobs. Of course the old adage, location, location, location is a very pertinent piece of advice to take to heart. Think of the most expensive housing markets today. If you have lived in an expensive housing market, or have visited there, you will notice that along with exquisite homes offered for sale at exorbitant rates, small, older homes you would never consider buying in another market are being offered for huge dollars. Why? Location, of course. When a housing area becomes desirable, even those small dumpy homes will sell for a considerable amount of money. Let's stop for a moment and look at the advantages of investing in rental units as opposed to purchasing property for resale. One of the largest factors to consider in purchasing property for resale is finding properties that will resell at a higher rate than purchase, of course. Finding these properties is not as easy today as it may have been in the past. It used to be that fixer-uppers and foreclosures were avoided by homeowners and investors alike. Not so today, those same homes are being feverishly snatched up in the current booming housing markets.

Florida Investment Real Estate - Why Florida Is a Good Choice

Finding homes to purchase and turn over quickly for cash is becoming more and more difficult, leading many to consider purchasing property for the purpose of renting. What are some advantages to renting and what locations would be most desirable for purchase with a rental goal in mind? Owning rental property provides some unique advantages. If you have the time as well as the finances to invest, rental property could end up paying for itself in the long term. In order for this to be true, the most important thing to search for is property in a great location for renters. You don't want to be searching for renters for months on end while you are being drained of capital. Those mortgage payments never stop, even when the list of renters has been exhausted. Buying rental investment property in a college town is a good bet for the possibility of continual renters and also buying in transient areas and tourist areas. Of all the above, tourist areas tend to be your surest source of consistent renters. Numerous high density tourist areas exist across the nation, but one of your best bets for purchase and consistent renters would be a sun-drenched spot with a year-round temperate climate. California and Texas would fit the bill, but as we all know, the most desirable locations in California may be out of reach due to the high cost. Texas may be considered a good choice, but only one state ranks as the premier tourist destination in the world and that would be Florida, the sunshine state.

Florida Investment Real Estate - The Orlando Area

With Florida's burgeoning population, Florida investment real estate is a great option. Florida ranks 4th in population behind California, Texas and New York. Florida has one of the fastest rates of growth in the nation, making Florida investment real estate a very attractive option for investors. In the 1990's, Florida grew by 23.5 percent with five counties increasing by more than 60 percent. Projected state growth would bring the population to over 19 million by 2010. An increasingly higher population obviously increases the need for housing. The increasing resident population being a great reason to pursue Florida investment real estate; let's not neglect another face of increasing housing need. Florida has a tourism rate of almost 77 million visitors in 2004, making it the top travel destination in the world and producing $57 billion of income. Tourists flock to all parts of Florida, the beaches being one of the most attractive destinations. However, Orlando pulls in the most visitors, with 2.6 million international travelers, not including the steady stream of domestic tourists. This alone would offer sufficient reason to purchase rental property. But considering that the grand total of tourists visiting Orlando in 2004 was 48 million people, what great housing investment potential for investors! The biggest drawing card in the Orlando area is, of course, Walt Disney World. The area surrounding Disney has a hotel rate occupancy of about 80 percent. It's obvious why the Orlando area is considered one of the most desirable tourist destinations in the world.

Florida Investment Real Estate - What are Reasons Tourists Come to the Orlando Area

Owning Florida investment real estate will give vacationers who visit the Orlando area a place to stay while you collect the rent. Theme park attractions are one of the biggest reasons Orlando has become a #1 tourist destination. The three most popular are Disney, which includes Disney World, Epcot, Animal Kingdom and MGM Studios, Sea World and Universal. Each attraction holds an appeal for people of all ages with families and singles alike enjoying each. Kissimmee is the town closest to Disney where families especially enjoy a few of the more laid back sights including Green Meadows Farm. Green Meadows is in an idyllic country setting with tours of the farm and more than 300 farm animals to touch and see. Also in the Kissimmee area is Horse World Riding Stables. The 750 acres of open pasture beckons horse lovers to enjoy a ride beneath the open sky. The Orlando Science Center beckons science buffs both young and old. Learning happens as a by-product here through the realistic, interactive and just plain fun exhibits. Fabulous night life is to be found both in Kissimmee which boasts two very popular dinner attractions, Medieval Times and Arabian Nights. Both serve delectable large portions of food with fabulous jousting and medieval type entertainment. For the shopper, Shopping and dining abound in the Orlando area also as do all sorts of natural environmental experiences.

Real Estate Investment in Florida - Bimini Bay Resort Florida

A well-kept secret but one located just 5 miles from Disney, in the center of Florida is Davenport, a treasure of a town close to the major attractions, yet a world away. On 80 acres of land in the Davenport area, you will find Bimini Bay Resort, Florida. A grand investment opportunity awaits you at Bimini Bay Resort, Florida where the investor participates in property appreciation but is not affected by negative cash flow during the off season. At Bimini Bay Resort, Florida you will find a planned community of luxurious town homes, offering 3 bedroom two baths that are fully furnished and equipped. Bimini Bay Resort, Florida is unique in that the investor can stay in the purchased unit while on vacation for a minimum fee while renting the unit the rest of the year. Management staff at Bimini Bay Resort finds the renters while you enjoy a guaranteed rental income each month. Planned amenities at Bimini Bay Resort include two major restaurants, a grocery, deli and food court and a sports bar restaurant. Bimini Bay Resort will also include a spa and exercise facility. A large business conference center and twin theaters are also planned at Bimini Bay Resort. Peace of mind will be yours at Bimini Bay Resort with its gated access with security cards. A fantastic real estate investment in Florida at Bimini Bay Resort awaits the investor who desires a consistent income without the headaches of day-to-day management. Bimini Bay Resort is worth investigating.

Our Featured Orlando Properties: You have an opportunity to join one of the fastest growing trends in the United States and the world. Orlando is one of the most explosive markets in the country and the Disney resort area has an average hotel occupancy of around 80%. Orlando is known as the vacation capital of the world and the top rated short term rental market, one that shows tremendous potential for real investors.

Tourism - with 76.8 million visitors in 2004 (a record number), Florida is the top travel destination in the world. The tourism industry has an economic impact of $57 billion on Florida's economy. Click here for additional tourism facts and statistics.

City Population Rank (2000):

(Rounded to the Nearest Thousand)

1. Jacksonville - 736,000

2. Miami - 362,000

3. Tampa - 303,000

4. St. Petersburg - 248,000

5. Hialeah - 226,000

6. Orlando - 186,000

7. Ft. Lauderdale - 152,000

8. Tallahassee - 151,000

9. Hollywood - 139,000

10. Pembroke Pines - 137,000

11. Coral Springs - 118,000

12. Clearwater - 109,000

13. Cape Coral - 102,000

14. Gainesville - 95,000

15. Port St. Lucie - 89,000

16. Miami Beach - 88,000

17. Sunrise - 86,000

18. Plantation - 83,000

19. West Palm Beach - 82,000

20. Palm Bay - 79,000

21. Lakeland - 78,000

22. Pompano Beach - 78,000

23. Davie - 76,000

24. Boca Raton - 75,000

25. Miramar - 73,000

Most Populous Metro Areas (2000):

(Rounded to the Nearest Thousand)

1. Tampa/St. Petersburg/Clearwater - 2,396,000

2. Miami - 2,253,000

3. Orlando - 1,645,000

4. Ft. Lauderdale - 1,623,000

5. Jacksonville - 1,100,000

6. West Palm Beach/Boca Raton - 1,131,000

7. Sarasota/Bradenton - 590,000

8. Daytona Beach - 493,000

9. Lakeland/Winter Haven - 484,000

10. Melbourne/Titusville/Palm Bay - 476,000

11. Fort Myers/Cape Coral - 441,000

12. Pensacola - 412,000

13. Fort Pierce/Port St. Lucie - 319,000

14. Tallahassee - 285,000

15. Ocala - 259,000

16. Naples - 251,000

17. Gainesville - 218,000

18. Fort Walton Beach - 170,000

19. Panama City - 148,000

Home to 11 of the country's 100 fastest-growing counties, a Florida investment property has high potential as a profit-maker, unlike most other areas. Port St. Lucie, Miramar and Cape Coral are the fastest growing cities in Florida. It's unlikely you will make a mistake investing in Florida real estate considering the vast number of tourists and new residents flocking to the land of sun and surf. The most difficult decision to make will be which location in Florida to purchase. Good investments abound in each area of the state, from Miami in the south to Clearwater on the gulf coast, going east to Daytona Beach and north to the panhandle. Selecting a location depends on your goals for purchasing Florida investment property. Carefully consider what you intend to do with your Florida investment property. Will your purchase be used mainly as a rental property for vacationers? Do you intend to have access to the property during certain seasons? Or is your goal rental of the property to local tenants? Some of these questions will help you in narrowing down your search. Once you have determined whether your Florida investment property will be used primarily for vacationers or for local renters, and whether you intend on using it as a vacation resort yourself, it is easier to choose the location.

"Each year is better than the previous one," said Abe Pizam, dean of the University of Central Florida's hospitality management college. "But it's not yet where it should be, or where it was."

Pizam said that, while a weak dollar has helped renew interest in Orlando among some foreign visitors, many are continuing to stay away because of heightened security measures in the United States and the hassles that accompany them, as well as increased opposition to the war in Iraq.

"It's a miracle that, despite that, we have improved our visitor counts," Pizam said. "We cannot deny there is still animosity toward the United States in many parts of the world."

Struggling economies in South America also put the brakes on many potential tourists' travel plans in what historically has been a strong market for Orlando.

According to the bureau's figures, the number of South American visitors have dropped substantially in recent years, from 659,000 in 2000 to fewer than 300,000 last year.

Other signs point to a recent upswing in international traffic, however. Orlando International Airport officials said in June that the airport recorded a 20 percent increase in international passengers compared with the same month last year.

On International Drive, a tourism corridor that benefits heavily from overseas travelers, merchants are noticing the difference.

"It's maybe picked up," said Zach Marino, manager of Texas de Brazil restaurant on International Drive. "In this area it's hard to tell because this is the spot to be. We have a strong international clientele."

Asian visitors increased by nearly 40,000 in 2004, and about 100,000 more Canadians traveled to Orlando last year than in 2003.

The visitors bureau noted that it has stepped up its national and international marketing of Orlando, having pulled back on such advertisements after 9-11.

"Our plan is more back-to-normal in terms of marketing thrust," Peeper said.

New York remained the No. 1 source of domestic out-of-state vacationers to Orlando last year. The Tampa Bay area held on as the top source of in-state visitors.

Experts are predicting that 2005 will exceed last year in terms of both international and domestic visitors.

Earlier this month, Walt Disney World reported percentage growth in the low double digits among international tourists, while the number of domestic customers remained relatively flat during one of the rainiest Junes on record.

"If everything stays stable, we should come out on the international side real well" in 2005, Peeper said.

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Best Insurance Customers Techniques - Attack, Steal, Rob, & Thrive Strategy Techniques

The best insurance customers techniques mean providing the right coverage. Find out the insurance strategy techniques how to attack, steal, and rob if you want your career to thrive. When properly done, techniques to update outdated insurance obtains the most loyal and best insurance customers. The Bible might tell us not to steal or rob. However improvements for insurance customers should not be a guilt trip, but viewed as an opportunity. What if you were stealing away a client that was misled and you are guiding them on the right path?

Are you determined to just be mediocre, or content on just staying financially stable, or a dedicated insurance sales rep looking for strategy techniques to be the best? If you are one of the first two, stop reading this article now. This article is designed to provide tips for an insurance sales rep to spend more time making sales customers, with little prospecting. If you think telephone prospecting is the main way to go, you also are not ready for these strategy techniques.

THE BEST INSURANCE CUSTOMERS are those who have already bought a similar product. Why? They already know the need for it. For example, if your client is age 65 or older they may have bought a plain vanilla (mail sold) endorsed policy that no agent every explained to them. For any insurance policy agent sold, there is a 70% chance that the original insurance sales representative is no longer in the business. Of the remaining 30% of agents, half have not use proper used a strategy technique to contact the client since selling the policy. Many insurance customers are dead lost, with no communication or benefit review for years after purchasing.

WHAT MAKES YOU A PRO? Consider yourself to be a professional in consulting on the benefits of owning a few different types of insurance policies. Start specializing on selling one or two types of insurance, not 20. When you have an appointment with a client that has a policy similar to your specialty, you NEVER compare. Instead you are going to attack, steal, and rob that insurance company of the policy they sold. How? You are a product consultant working with the people to see they are UPDATED. The strategy technique is that you allow them choose which coverage feel more secure with. The old policy or the updated best policy custom tailored to their needs provided by a specialist (you).

HOW MUCH FAITH DO YOU HAVE IN YOURSELF. For 40 years, I survived and then thrived, by my confidence of my own abilities. I threw away leads, where the prospects looked mediocre. My closing average was over 90%, BUT I HAD TO PAY FOR IT. I worked with the best potential prospects and ignored or walked away from the rest. Does this sound like you, or an arrangement you would like to be in?

ATTACK, ROB, AND STEAL STRATEGY. You want to work primarily with customers in your specialty area. To do this you need to know who to go after and what information you need before attempting a presentation. Let's say you are a long term care insurance specialist and your primary clients are 65 to 70 years old. You must start with acquiring as good of a prospect list as possible.

Long term care insurance is designed to protect against the loss of assets. Your list should contain all of the following characteristics. The head of the household is a senior between the ages of 65 to 70. Living with him or her is a spouse, dependent upon the money they have saved up. They also should have children, not living in the house. Few elderly parents want to depart without leaving their children assets or sticking the children with assisting them paying medical bills. Lastly, they should be a homeowner. A homeowner tends to have more assets to lose.

GET THE DETAILS. Send out an undersized envelope with a small letter and reply card, which any mailing service facility can help you with. The letter should emphasize that you want to explain the changes in Medicare and what insurance benefits they have. And as an insurance consultant you are qualified to do this. Your reply card should be brief, with short lines to fill out for more information. IT MUST STATE: I also have insurance with _____________. AND Type of insurance _________. The reply card is sent back to your printer, and given to you.

HINT: Prospects outside suburban areas are often friendlier to chat with you. City dwellers often live in fear of anyone they do not know coming to their home. Therefore, small town people are more likely to respond.

TALK TO THE RIGHT PEOPLE. A well written piece sent back to "Health Care Benefits Region" (hint grab this business name or a similar one and register it) will bring may more returns than one coming back to "John Smith Insurance Agency". If fact you may get as many as 40% more just by your agency name wording. A free gas gift certificate to the first 100 responding - carefully worded in your letter, might get you another 15% increase. With your reply stack, you set up a priority system. The best, the good, and the possible.

ATTACK BY SEEING THE BEST FIRST. The strategy techniques is to find the customer leads where they have existing coverage written by another agent or bought through the mail.

With seniors, I would pick anyone with LTC coverage or any kind of coverage organization or association endorsed as first priority.t. You should close at least 90% of these prospects. This are the easy moneymakers, and a great way to pick up the best insurance customers as your own. It means that it is time to get your next mailing started.

The GOOD are those who have any other type of insurance besides Medicare benefits. On these your skills should quickly increase to 70% to 90%. Personally, I rarely bothered with the others. If you work the leads where the two critical information lines are blank, do not expect closing more than 50%.

If you wait too long for your next batch of leads, call a few prospects. ASK FIRST if they have coverage besides Medicare. Only proceed if they do. Then say you have a dozen gas card gift certificates available, and when would be the best time to spend 20 minutes talking with them and giving them your gift.

You can not wait to become a pro. You have to make yourself a pro. Use these strategy techniques. Declare yourself a Pro and Start Now.

Own Nicaragua Real Estate and Experience Paradise

What makes Nicaragua Real Estate tick? For one Nicaragua is exquisitely beautiful. The country has pleasant year-round sunshine, awesome beaches, top class surf, soaring volcanoes, and historic colonial cities. Many promoters are touting Nicaragua properties for sale as great buys. This is no wonder. Properties for sale in Nicaragua were initially helped by low prices, though the story may not be true today. Yet Nicaragua has many pros that goad buyers. It is a safe country, has growing tourism, and has excellent air connections with the United States. Though Real estate prices did see a decline during the global financial crisis, but it was not to the extent as seen in the UK, the United States, and other developed countries.

Here are some more reasons why Nicaragua Real Estate continues to fascinate investors.

  • The Nicaraguan market has established lucrative retirement benefits like custom exemption for household goods.
  • Some well-known title insurance companies offer title insurance on property in Nicaragua.
  • Nicaragua is a signatory to the Central American Free Trade Agreement.
  • The Foreign Investment Law in Nicaragua is investor-friendly. Domestic and foreign investments are treated at par. This is a wonderful advantage as the country recognizes the right of foreigners to own Nicaragua Real Estate and establish business enterprise as they wish.
  • Inflation is moderately low. Massive investments in infrastructure facilities are under way. The major airport Managua International Airport has been modernized and expanded to accommodate double the passenger capacity.
  • Most importantly, land for sale is a great attraction because of the spectacular natural beauty of Nicaragua. Excellent colonial architecture combined with beautiful lakes, turtle sanctuaries, exotic volcanoes, and cloud forests make the country irresistible to real estate hunters.

What are the Legal Issues to be Taken Care of?

When buying Nicaragua properties for sale have a fee freehold title. The best bet to own property in Nicaragua is in your own name. The process is simple, and the law allows you to hold property in the name of a Nicaraguan corporation. The Nicaraguan Law 344 eliminates all hindrances for inflow of capital.

What about Taxes?

You will have to pay taxes applicable under law to the local municipality. Taxes paid before March 31 is eligible for discounts.

How Do You Get to Finance Nicaragua Real Estate?

Fortunately, for investors, financing options are evolving and becoming more flexible. Most of the sales are still done on payment of cash. Some banks do offer loans at competitive rates, but the bureaucratic procedures can be cumbersome.

Some of the best investment options touted by realtors are as follows:

  • Corn Islands with its swaying palms, warm waters, and a good number of English-speaking populations.
  • Granada with a rich cultural heritage and beautiful colonial cities.
  • Leon considered as an intellectual capital with its avante Garde University and stately churches.
  • Pacific Coast with a splendidly attractive coastline.

Overall, owning Nicaragua real estate is a sound investment option. Hardly anybody who owns land Nicaragua regrets his decision. Low cost of living, friendly population, and spectacular natural beauty makes Nicaragua real estate a virtual paradise. Without doubt, Nicaragua has some of the most beautiful properties in the world.

Saturday, December 21, 2013

New York City Real Estate and European Investors

With a slowing domestic economy, the United States has watched a decline in all of its markets, especially the housing market. However, this decline has helped keep New York City's housing market alive through foreigners. With the continuous deprecation of the dollar and the value of Manhattan real estate, foreigners are now seeing property in the city as a smart investment.

Before, foreign companies doing business in New York would have to put their employees in temporary housing while visiting, but now they are buying condos and having the company serve as the landlord. This is saving foreign corporations thousands of dollars. Temporarily housing an employee in New York City used to be a very expensive aspect of doing business. Many companies used to pay upwards of $4,000 a month in rent for employee housing.

When a firm owns real estate in New York, they are not only saving money each month, but they also hold an investment. New York City real estate has the potential for growth regardless if an employee is currently living there or not.

During recent years, the New York real estate market has remained on a rise, making property even more desirable. However, in international real estate, property in the Big Apple is almost considered cheap. According to a recent survey, New York is the 15th most expensive city in the world, falling behind Moscow and London. And as foreign currencies continue to hit record highs, owning property in NYC seems like an even better deal. When a European buys into Manhattan real estate, they are almost instantly doubling the value of their money due to the exchange rates.

Investing in New York City property is the best option for so many international companies. This growing foreign interest in Manhattan property is actually helping to keep New York's real estate market alive. Even with a nationally recessing economy, New York City's economy and housing market remain above the national trend.

Friday, December 20, 2013

Types of Real Estate Investment Properties

Real estate investing strategies have undergone major changes in the past four years. Before the banking crisis and economic recession, many investors were generating massive profits through rehabbing distressed properties and engaging in house flipping. Today, investors are using distressed properties to generate rental income or to offer creative financing options.

The first step to achieving real estate investment success is to become educated about the market. Investors should become familiar with the various types of investment properties such as residential, commercial, and vacant land, as well as investing in real estate notes and land contracts.

Residential real estate can be used as rental properties or placed for sale. Many investors are offering creative finance strategies to attract buyers who cannot qualify for bank financing. Popular financing options include lease purchase option agreements and seller carry back mortgages.

Commercial real estate includes a wide mix of properties such as condominium and apartment complexes, retail shops, warehouses, and office buildings. Investors often partner with other investors or investment groups when purchasing commercial property in order to cover the costs and management duties required to maintain investment properties.

Commercial property has the potential to generate substantial profits as long as investors evaluate market conditions. Investors may be entitled to tax incentives when commercial investments bring employment opportunities to the area or when properties are upgraded using energy-efficient technology such as solar panels or other forms of green energy.

Investors often seek out bank owned foreclosure properties because this type of realty is usually priced well below market value. Bank owned realty encompasses all types of properties and can range from mobile homes to swanky high-rise apartments and industrial parks to golf courses.

Locating residential and commercial foreclosures is relatively simple. Using the services of a realtor can expedite the process. Agents can access the multiple listings (MLS) database to quickly locate all types of properties for sale.

Once banks repossess properties they are first placed for sale through public or government auctions. The property is given back to the bank if it goes unsold at auction. Banks then sell foreclosure properties through their loss mitigation division or local realtors.

Prices of bank owned properties are generally higher than properties sold through auction. However, banks remove liens and judgments in order to sell the real estate with a clean title. Buyers are able to take quick possession and can move forward with preparing the property for sale or rent.

Many investors are buying residential properties through Fannie Mae's Homepath Mortgage program. In addition to selling homes at deeply discounted prices, Homepath Mortgage offers low down payment requirements and special financing options to both individual buyers and real estate investors.

Many Fannie Mae properties qualify for grant money offered through HUDs Neighborhood Stabilization Program. NSP grants are offered to improve properties located in areas with high rate of foreclosure. Qualified investors can obtain up to five NSP grants.

Investors who invest in commercial real estate must become educated about federal, state, and county property laws. Commercial buildings must comply with the Americans with Disabilities Act and be zoned for commercial use.

Although the real estate market continues to head in a downward spiral, there are still plenty of solid investment opportunities. Investors must stay abreast of market conditions and be capable of changing strategies when needed. Otherwise, they will quickly become another real estate statistic.

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Investing in Rio de Janeiro Real Estate and Land - A General Overview

Rio de Janeiro is a state located in the south east region of Brazil with its motto being: "conduct the affairs of the public with righteousness." It occupies a total area of 43,653 km² and its capital is a city of the same name. Excluding its shore of the Atlantic Ocean, Rio de Janeiro borders the states of Minas Gerais to the north and north west, Espirito Santo to the north east and São Paulo to the South West.

The state's most prominent regions are Rio de Janeiro City, Nova Iguaçu, Niterói, Duque de Caxias, São Gonçalo, São João de Meriti, Campos dos Goytacazes, Petrópolis and Volta Redonda. The principal rivers of the state are the Guandu River, the Piraí, the Paraíba do Sul, the Macaé and the Muriaé. It remains the number one tourist destination and contains some of the most valuable real estate and land in Latin America (particularly in Rio de Janeiro city).

Established in 1565, the states development commenced in the 17th century with the export of sugar cane, cattle and gold to surrounding areas (mainly São Paulo and Minas Gerais). In 1763, the state became the headquarters of colonial Brazil which was shortly followed by the first bank of the country (Banco de Brasil which, today, is owned by the government), the basis of a media industry, educational establishments, transportation routes and several other infrastructural developments. In 1834, the city was named the capital until this was changed to Brasília in 1960 (which was chosen due to its more central location in the country).

Today over 50 percent of the states economy lies in industry, closely followed by tertiary services and agriculture. Much international attention has come to the region when the discovery of the Tupi (2006) and Jupiter (2008) oil fields were formally announced - with more findings being expected. As a result, Rio de Janeiro state is now the largest producer of petroleum and gas in Brazil (neighbouring state Espírito Santo also has significant reserves). The production of oil in Rio de Janeiro state has meant that the country has advanced up the global league table in terms of production, having grown 95 percent in the last 10 years (compared with the world average production increasing by 22 percent). The local economy also continues to benefit from taxation offsets and production royalties as well as the arrival of domestic and international corporations attracted to the increased wealth opportunities that oil brings. As well as petroleum, primary exports include other fuels (such as ethanol) as well as chemicals, textiles, metals (mainly steel, iron and tin), glass, processed fish, glass, dairy products, coffee, cachaça (Brazilian rum), livestock, cement and vehicles.

The state is made up of numerous municipal regions, each with a varied history from the times of indigenous occupation, through colonisation and the present day. Overflowing with history, architecture and culture, the state offers very attractive features to both the tourist and investor. There are many universities throughout the state, with hundreds of campuses in the various municipalities, offering courses in everything from agricultural studies to computer science and high technology.

As with most regions in the world with such vast areas and many cities, Rio de Janeiro state has a diverse population and standards of living depending on the area or municipality. The larger and more prosperous cities (such as Rio de Janeiro) attract citizens from all over the state and country, many seeking well-paid employment or a better life than in their rural towns and villages, but not holding the relevant experience or qualifications. Because of this, favelas (slums) have formed especially in the city of Rio de Janeiro which, while decreasing as the wealth of the country ameliorates, should be carefully observed when investing in land and real estate.

Despite this, the state continues to be a beautiful and vibrant region of Brazil - particularly its beautiful coast, many lagoons and vast conservation areas. One of the most exciting and looked-forward-to events of the year is the Rio de Janeiro carnival (celebrated throughout the municipalities) which is world famous for being the greatest, most colourful and ear-pleasing festival in the world. The metropolitan areas have also become increasingly appealing for the real estate and land investor - offering all the excitement and infrastructure expected, but with many sights of natural beauty.

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Real Estate and the Internet - New Technologies Can Help (And Hurt) Agents

The Internet has been changing practically every industry and every professional-and the real estate business was not left unaffected. Of course, the changes in the real estate business, thanks to the wonders of the Internet, have all been good both for the realtor and the property buyer. With the use of online tools and techniques, real estate marketing has never been easier. And since an interested individual can simply search for his or her desired property with a click of a button, looking for property has never been easier either. But needless to say, the advantage and benefits brought about by technology can be felt more by the agents. After all, competition is becoming stiffer and stiffer by the minute, with the economic crunch and the number of agents engaged in the business.

For instance, a number of studies and researchers say that more than half of the current homebuyers look for property first online. This is the exact opposite of the current misconception that people avoid the Internet when purchasing property. Although the Internet is home to some scams and dubious plots, it is always easy to spot them-and homebuyers know this. Homebuyers are not exactly completely trusting, but they know who and when to trust. They also know the proper protocol when dealing with agents and brokers online.

The age of recent homebuyers also play a part in the importance of the Internet in real estate. Homebuyers of recent years are becoming younger and younger. And as younger customers, they are more adept with the Internet, unlike their older, more senior counterparts. While not totally reliant on the Internet, these young homebuyers know enough to use real estate websites as the starting point of their search for a property.

But why are homebuyers leaning more towards online realtors or looking for properties online? For one, the Internet affords them easy access not just to the basic information about the property; it also allows homebuyers to pose a question directly to a realtor without the need to see an agent personally. In turn, these realtors deal with these queries properly and honorably, since they know whatever they will say can make or break a possible deal. Online reviews and quick access to information about the area where the property is located are also among the reasons.

And why are real estate agents depending on the Internet and using online tools for their marketing campaigns? The most obvious answer is market: there's where the market is. With the use of social networking websites and web logs (or blogs), a real estate agent can easily put his best face forward instantly. The Internet also makes the task of working with potential clients easier.

Of course, the Internet can also pose as a threat to both real estate agent and homebuyer. But generally, the advent of this trend in the real estate industry is a welcome change, as especially now that the tough market has made efficiency and cost savings more important than ever.

Monday, December 16, 2013

How to Use the Internet to Market Your Real Estate and Save Thousands of Dollars in Commissions

The vast majority of buyers are searching the Internet to find the real estate they are looking for. The figure keeps changing but somewhere between 85 to 90% of all buyers use the Internet as their main tool for property search.

In these economically challenging times most professional real estate offices (including the large national franchises) have cut way back on their budgets for print advertising in the newspapers. In real estate offices this is known as a BLACKOUT on advertising and it is happening all over the country.

The other reason why real estate agents and offices heavily utilize the Internet is because it costs next to nothing and it works! Plan and simple it works.

The Internet has changed the way real estate is marketed forever and agents have accepted it. Print advertising is extremely expensive and the Internet has now made print advertising passé.
This is not a bad thing. Agents place their efforts and energy on what works and now so can you!
Right now is the perfect time for the average home seller to learn this truth and use the Internet to sell their property without the expense of a listing real estate agent.

One of the best-kept secrets around is that for peanuts and very little effort, sellers can put their property on the Internet without an agent or a real estate broker.

If you have a digital camera and have ever used or seen eBay then you can figure out how to post your property on the Internet. It's that easy. Fill in the blanks, download some pictures and your property is out there for the world to see.

Oh sure, you are comfortable with the Internet. Maybe you have sold a car on it or have bought and sold other items on eBay or Craigslist. Or perhaps you are quite leading edge using all the latest technology. But this is real estate and it all seems a bit complicated. What about all the other steps that are involved in the real estate transaction?

Relax! This is not rocket science and most professionals in the real estate business are not scientists.

Use of the following 12 steps and it will make your transaction very manageable.

THE12 PRINCIPLES FOR SUCCESSFUL INTERNET REAL ESTATE SELLING is not only a guide for using the Internet to sell real estate online but also a formula for protecting and securing the seller throughout the entire transaction.

1. Be brave and set the price. The seller always has
2. You must perform all inspections before you market the property
3. Honestly represent the exact nature and condition of the property
4. Hire an Attorney. Do it early on in the sales process
5. Get proof of insurance from everyone
6. Anything you say can and will be used against you. So zip it!
7. You need to cooperate with and pay buyers brokers and agents
8. You can sell directly to buyers without an agent. If they don't have one
9. Online advertising is cheap
10. Showings are easy
11. Be effective and follow up
12. All information concerning the property becomes the property of the property

If sellers will follow these principles they can sell their real estate online with the confidence that they can accomplish this important transaction from beginning to end.

Saturday, December 14, 2013

How To Build A Cash Flow Model For Your Real Estate Investment Property

Are you about to start investing in real estate? Or perhaps you've already put your toe in the water but want to learn more. Here is an overview of the factors you need to take a look at in order to project your potential return on an investment.

  • Purchase price - obviously, the amount of money you put out for the property is significant in determining your investment outcome.
  • The annual appreciation rate at which you expect the property's value to increase.
  • How many years you expect to hold the property. Combined with the 2 figures above, this will enable you to estimate a future selling price.
  • Number of rental units, and rent you expect to receive from each unit.
  • Annual rate of rent appreciation.
  • Expected unoccupancy rate - it's important to remember that tenants come and go, and will occasionally leave you with empty rental units. It's best to plan that into your projection.
  • Any miscellaneous revenue you anticipate (laundry facilities, etc.), and the rate at which you expect those revenues to grow.
  • Property management fees. Even if you expect to manage the property yourself, it's best to budget in an allowance for professional property management. First, this rewards you for the time and effort you invest. Second, it ensures that you are covered if for some unanticipated reason you need to turn the management over to a pro at some point in the future.
  • Last, but not least, you need to know your opportunity cost, something that big investors would call the 'cost of capital'. For example, if you can earn 5% by keeping your money in the bank, you're going to want a lot more than 5% for taking on the risk and time investments required by a rental property!
  • Annual operating expenses, and the rate at which you expect those expenses to increase over your term of ownership.
  • Property taxes and rate of annual increase.
  • Insurance and rate of annual increase. It's critical to insure your substantial investment!
  • Any miscellaneous expenses, and rate of annual increase.
  • Depreciation expense. To determine this, you'll need to estimate the building's assessed value as a percent of the total purchase price.
  • Your annual capital investments in the property. You were planning to budget on capital improvements, weren't you?
  • Downpayment - how much cash are you putting in upfront?
  • Bank fees - how many points do you expect to pay, and what closing fees do you expect to incur if you will putting a mortgage on the property?
  • What mortgage interest rate do you expect? And how long will the payback period be?

Now that you've got all the numbers laid out in front of you, you 'just' need to build a financial model which will allow you to project cash flow throughout your ownership term, and then use time value of money calculations to create a present value of those flows. Compare the present value of your future cash receipts against the amount of cash you will outlay upfront. If it's greater, congratulations- you have positive Net Present Value, and this property looks attractive. If the result is negative, it's a red flag-- you need to take another look, because this may not be a good deal for you.

The obvious comment you might have is... "This all sounds awful hard! Aren't there tools which can help me?"

The good news is that there are! In fact you can use an online investment property calculator which will do all of the heavy calculating for you. You simply plug in the numbers, and review the results. Now THAT's some smart investing!

The Best Insurance Quotes on the Net Are Hidden

Health insurance and all types of insurance for that matter can be extremely expensive if you don't do the proper research before picking a policy. The most useful tool in this search is without a doubt the internet. All the best insurance quotes have been moved online. There are web pages now where all the best insurance quotes are consolidated for you already, cutting down on your research time ten- fold. These sites prove to be extremely helpful especially when you have a busy schedule and the last thing you really want to be doing is scouring the internet for a cheaper policy.

These sites are just one tool that the internet provides that you can use when it comes to finding the best insurance quotes for you and your family. You can also do it the old fashioned way; give the insurance agencies a call. No need to bust out the phonebook just jump on the internet and all the numbers you need are there. This is just one other instance of the internet and technology cutting down on research time when it comes to finding the best product for the best price.

The internet will aid you greatly in your search, but you must still be a savvy consumer. Read the fine print and don't ever sign up for the first quote you find. Keep these things in mind while utilizing the internet to find the best insurance quotes and you'll find the policy you are looking in no time.

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What to Examine Before Buying Real Estate Foreclosure Properties

Are you interested in buying real estate foreclosure properties with the hopes of turning them into investment properties and making money with them? If you are, you need to be familiar with real estate foreclosure properties. Not only do you need to know what they are, but you also need to know the best ways to go about finding and buying them.

When it comes to finding real estate foreclosure properties, there a number of different approaches that you can take. For instance, you can use the internet. There are a number of online real estate foreclosure listing services that you can use to browse through or search for foreclosures. You can also find real estate foreclosure properties by keeping an eye on your local newspapers or by examining the public records at local county clerk offices.

Now that you exactly how you can go about finding real estate foreclosure properties, your focus should then switch to buying the properties. Before buying any real estate foreclosure properties, you are advised to examine the properties in question, as much as possible. There are some instances where you may be required to make a purchase decision without actually seeing the property in question, but, with an address, you should at least be able to get a look at the property in question. Look for any signs that may indicate that repairs or updates may need to be made. Any additional money that you will have to invest in a real estate foreclosure property is important, as it should impact how much you are willing to pay for the property.

In addition to the real estate foreclosure property in question, you are also advised to examine its surroundings. For instance, is the real estate foreclosure property located in a good neighborhood? Are there many fun, but safe activities and attractions nearby? If there is, you have a better chance of turning a profit. Real estate investment properties are those that are later sold for a profit or rented out. You need to not only make sure that the real estate foreclosure you are interested in is marketable, but you also need to make sure that the area in which the foreclosure property is as well.

Of course, you will also want to look for real estate foreclosure properties that are being sold at great prices. Many real estate foreclosure properties are sold at prices which are less than the fair market value. This is what makes real estate foreclosure proprieties highly sought after, particularly with real estate investors. As stated above, when examining the cost of a real estate foreclosure or the bidding price if it is being auctioned off, you need to take any possible updates or repairs into consideration. This is important because you will want to invest in good real estate foreclosure properties, but you also want to try and limit your investments, if you can do so. The less you invest, the easier it is for you to make a profit.

The above mentioned points are just a few of the many that you will want to keep in mind, when looking to find and buy real estate foreclosure properties. For additional information, you may want to think about taking a real estate investing course, particularly one that places a large focus on real estate foreclosure properties.

Thursday, December 12, 2013

Buy Stansbury Real Estate and Settle Down There to Enjoy Life With Your Family

Located just 25 minutes drive from Salt Lake City on interstate 80, Stansbury Park is a planned community on which work started in early 80s. Though its original developer had to withdraw due to bankruptcy, the plan went ahead and the project was completed as expected. Stansbury real estate is popular due to quite a few reasons.

Area selected for the development of Stansbury Park had a natural reservoir called the mill Pond at its northern end. However, an artificial lake was built to offer canoeing and boating for the residents of Stansbury Utah homes. In addition to the lake, an 18-hole golf course also has been built for the residents to play golf. The golf course has 14 lakes. In addition to these facilities, you have the baseball diamonds and several parks to take fresh air under the tranquil setting offered only by rural areas.

When it comes to the education facilities of children of residents living in these Stansbury real estate properties, there are three schools. Two of them are elementary schools and one is a high school. In case they need to be given University education, University of Utah is there for them.

There are five churches where the residents of Stansbury Utah homes could engage in their religious observances. In case they want their children to be subjected to the influence of the church, they have ample opportunity to do so.

Those who buy Stansbury real estate properties could select the type of property they wish to buy as there are different types of properties on offer for sale. In case you buy a smaller home that comes to you at a cheaper price, still you will enjoy all the benefits enjoyed by owners of expensive properties as you have access to all the public amenities offered to residents. This is a specialty you will find when you are living in this community.

As regards communication facilities with outside world, you have ample opportunities as you have access to interstate 80. Once you drive to Salt Lake City, you are open to the outside world through Salt Lake City international airport.

When you consider all these facilities offered to you by Stansbury Park, you will find that it is one of the best places to live. You live in quiet rural surroundings, yet you are only 20 minutes away from one of the big cities in the US. Therefore, you could think seriously on settling down there.

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

1031 Deferred Exchange - Real Estate Investment Property Qualifications And Rules

A 1031 exchange is a strategy used to defer or eliminate the payment of capital gains taxes arising from selling a real estate property used for investment or for "productive use" in a business or trade. It is named as such because "1031" is the IRS code section 1031. "Exchange" refers to the core of the strategy in which one investment property is sold (relinquished) and a new investment property is purchased (acquired) and intended to replace the sold property.

*Review of Capital Gains*

A capital gain is known as the profit from selling an investment. It is the difference between the cost basis of purchasing the investment and the amount for which it was sold.

Capital Gain Tax Deferral Through a 1031 Exchange

A 1031 Exchange would enable the investor to avoid paying tax on the capital gains realized from the sale of an investment or business property. A third party intermediary, an entity not related to either party, would retain the capital gains (profit) from the sale until a replacement investment property is found and purchased by the investor.

The capital gains realized from the sale of the investment property will be applied to the purchase of the newly acquired property, thus avoiding the payment of capital gains taxes. Very specific requirements must be met and only certain properties qualify for a 1031 exchange.

Determining If Your Property Qualifies For a 1031 Exchange

The detailed process of a 1031 is somewhat complex and it's always advised to seek out a tax professionals' guidance throughout this process. Any errors will disqualify the investment property exchange and the investor would be required to pay the capital gains tax.

Summary of 1031 Property Qualifications

Certain qualifications of the existing property and the replacement property in question must be met. These qualifications include:

1. Type of Property

2. Intended Use of Property

3. Like-Kind Property

4. Specific Requirements

Type of Property

Two types of Real Estate Properties qualify: Business Properties and Investment Properties that are owned for the purpose generating income. This may be revenue from a business or income generated from the investment itself (ex. Rental income).

*Key Point: Personal Property Does not Qualify

For example, rental properties or a Plumbing business would generally qualify for a 1031 exchange.

This is a very specific requirement and excludes any personal property. While most homeowners consider their home an investment, its primary purpose is a place of residence, not to generate investment income.

Summary of Properties Excluded

1. Inventory

2. Dealer Inventory (Flipping is excluded)

3. Personal Property held for sale

4. stocks, bonds and notes

5. Interests in Partnerships

6. Vacation homes

7. Certificates of Trust

Intended Purpose

The intention of current property and the replacement property must be for a business or investment purposes.

* This may sound obvious, but there are some situations where intent will come into play. For instance, an investor wants to buy a rental home in Florida as part of a 1031 exchange. The investor currently owns apartment rentals and is looking to sell and replace them with the vacation home.

Intended purpose will determine if this situation qualifies for a 1031. For instance, the vacation home will qualify if the intent is to collect monthly rent from tenants. However, if the investor intends to reside in the vacation home, even if only in the winter, it does not qualify for a 1031 exchange.

*Key Point: Personal Property AND Vacation Homes are Excluded from a 1031 Exchange.


The properties to be exchanged must be of "Like-Kind". According to the IRS, the investment properties must be of similar character and nature. However, the grade and quality of the new property does not have to be similar.

For instance, an investor may have own a landscaping business and wants to sell it in exchange for a residential home that he or she wants to fix up and sell for a profit. Would this qualify for a 1031 exchange? The answer is No.

Purchasing homes with the intent of flipping' them does not qualify for 1031 exchanges because they are considered "Inventory". Inventory is not eligible for a 1031 exchange.

However, a shopping center can be exchanged for an apartment complex, or raw land intended for business can be exchanged for a department store.

Summary of Specific Requirements and Safe Harbor Provisions

1. Both Properties are held for investment or use in a trade or business.

2. A Replacement property must be identified within 45 days of the sale of the relinquished property.

3. Replacement property must be purchased within 180 days of the sale of the relinquished property.

4. A qualified intermediary must be designated to hold the proceeds of from the sale of the relinquished property until the closing date of the replacement property.

5. To remain tax free, capital gains received from the original sale must be utilized for the purchase of the replacement property.

In closing, the 1031 Exchange is an excellent strategy to protect business profits, yet it's a complicated endeavor that requires the assistance of professional guidance and planning.

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

How to Buy Real Estate and Choosing the Right Strategies For Investment

For every two people wanting to know how to buy real estate today, at least one of them will actively believe that it is a way to double your money and quickly. Residential and commercial real estate can indeed provide an excellent investment for individuals looking to purchase their dream home or a portfolio of property over a period of time.

As such, it is necessary to manage your expectations in addition to choosing the right property. That is a valuable lesson when it comes to answering this important question as to how to buy.

There are various ways and means to manage expectations when you consider your strategies. The first and perhaps the most effective is choosing a buying strategy. This is most important for those individuals who are actually looking for property as an investment and so need to learn how to buy that will yield significant profits over an extended period of time.

For example, you may choose to invest in real estate that is not in the best condition so you can maximize your investment. After all, completing repairs and renovations may well be much more affordable than buying a house that is the finished article. As such, you have to assess whether this strategy to buy real estate will yield a greater return.

Another strategy that people use when they consider how to buy is flipping. This is very similar to the strategy outlined above but you do not hold onto the property for the long term. Instead, you renovate it and then sell it quickly so you make a tidy profit immediately.

When considering how to buy real estate challenges and strategies like this though, you should consider whether or not it would be possible to flip the property. If you cannot sell it quickly, would you consider changing your strategy and lease it out? Flexibility is definitely the key here.

Finally, your strategy may be to buy the most profitable properties by assessing demand. If you invest in apartments in an urban area or a single family home then you will find the demand greater than if you purchased other types of homes. Choosing how to buy real estate is difficult because you have to assess which strategies would work best for you and your long term property goals. Taking your time is the key.

Monday, December 9, 2013

Real Estate and Real Estate Services in Virginia Water

Virginia Water is a small village in Surrey England, which is named after a beautiful lake. The town has many royal parks and golf clubs in close proximity, and they make this town an attractive place for the tourists.

Virginia Water is in commuting distance from London as well as Oxford and the South Coast. Along with the tourists, this small town is also very popular for people who like to spend their life in a peaceful environment.

The properties in the area range from well looked after little apartments to semi detached and end-terrace houses; all the way up to beautiful multi million mansions.

To help people to find the right property for rent or for sale, there are a number real agents in Virginia Water. These property experts strive to make the whole process of buying, selling or rentals easy for the parties.

The real estate professional services usually centre around 3 key offers:

  • sales,
  • lettings,
  • and property management.

The sales service of the estate agents focuses on, unsurprisingly, on the sales process of the properties. In the Virginia Water area, the agents tend only charge the vendor for the sales commission.

The letting service is centred around the real estate rentals. The professionals tend to get their main fee from the owners (or otherwise known as the landlords).

Lastly, the management service is simply looking after the properties or apartment blocks on behalf of the owners and taking on the maintenance tasks.

In order to select the right real agents in Virginia Water, people should follow simple tips and rules. Firstly, before hiring real agents in Virginia Water, they should be interviewed by the buyer, sellers or the landlords.

People should inquire about the qualification of the agents, along with their experience and competency. Knowledge about the experience and competency of the real agents in Virginia Water will help in selecting the best agent in the market. Along with educational and professional experience, agents should also be assessed based on their knowledge of the market.

Moreover, the communication, negotiation and listening skills of the real agents in Virginia Water should be assessed before hiring them. As, these skills define the success and understanding ability of the agents.

Looking for referrals is another good tip that might help customers in hiring the right estate agents.

Following these tips will not only help in selecting the right estate agent, but will also help customers in getting right value for their property.

Sunday, December 8, 2013

Real Estate and Investment - Is This The Best Choice For New Investors?

In theory, real estate and investment cannot be separated. When it comes to investment properties, it is not hard for an investor to notice real estate pieces that could provide a lot of earnings. Investing, on the other hand, is in itself a marketing world where benefits and risks are present at stage. But in reality, there is risk in all you do, so do your due diligence and get proper guidance from people who are doing successfully what you want to be doing.

As you walk through the path of investing, you have to learn how to secure great profits with not much risk taking and this requires you knowing your numbers and the values of the surroundings properties that you are considering. With real estate investing, the income you could potentially make over time can be large. No wonder a lot of investors are opting for it.

The only way to invest with low risk is to get the right training and to know your numbers. This will also help you to avoid the many scams that are designed to make a quick buck off of your ignorance in real-estate. However, with the right education, you won't fall victim to these schemes and will see them a mile away.

The same goes with the investment market. You have to learn about the anatomy of the real estate and investment market. Whereas, when you start with investment properties, you can stick with safer options of mortgage, leasing and rental. As time goes on, the generation of gains may surpass the original value of your purchased land or property. Sky high rents and prices of different commercial units as well as other localities may give proof to the fact that much more may be anticipated to come. but commercial real estate is a different animal and requires separate training!

In just a few years, the value of each property can increase exponentially or actually lose value, depending on the homework you did before acquiring the investment. Rental property cash flow is as excessive as the blood flowing in your veins! If you are wise enough to know and understand the ups and downs of what you are in to, there simply is no stopping of the profits you can gain if done correctly and with the right guidance. Experienced investors know very well the art of holding a land, and the learning the crucial skill of quickly finding qualified renters can result in successful property investment.

Bear in mind that investing in real estate is not only about purchasing a land or house and then selling it but it is about being skilled at it just like learning anatomy for medicine. You really need to stay on top of the changes that are taking place in tactics that you can use and the way tax is handled because you don't want to mess with the IRS!

It is crucial for you to know that when it comes to real estate investment, you should aim to run for market capital gains. While the basics for investing in real estate are almost the same with that of other investment forms, you should still develop a strategy that will let you manage your money and assets. Keep in mind that you will be investing money by purchasing an asset that is held for quite some time and then cash out for profits or you may buy and flip short term, it really depends on the person and what your goals are. I've prepared some powerful investment tips for you below, enjoy!

Saturday, December 7, 2013

Get the Best Insurance Coverage For Your Exotic Car

There's no accepting about the actuality that auto allowance is a call if you wish to adore the accessibility of owning a motor vehicle, including the affluence of owning alien car. You may never be complex in a alley blow but if you do you, you will accept accord of apperception in alive that your car aegis action will awning some if not all the accessory costs which will amount you college than any approved vehicle. As an big-ticket auto owner, it is important for you to acquisition the appropriate auto allowance provider in agreement of accepting the best in annual at an affordable amount while attention your admired asset.

The aboriginal footfall in award a acceptable aggregation is educating you on the basics of auto insurance. While the artefact is basically the aforementioned with all companies, they action several amount ranges and types of plans. They alter as able-bodied in benefits, discounts, and chump casework depending on the types of car you have. For example, the added big-ticket autogenous and exoteric the college the exceptional will be. To be able to accept the appropriate aggregation for you, you accept to apperceive what you charge in agreement of advantage affairs and exceptional ante and what added annual will be provided in case of blow to the car. The primary application would apparently be the amount range; again the affectionate of car you have, how old it is, and what you are application it for. You accept to aswell apperceive what casework you are interested, such as roadside assistance, blow restoration.

Insurance companies now amount by the thousands. Even so, it will not be difficult to acquisition the best one for you. Just accumulate in apperception that the provider you're searching for should be able to accord the amount ambit and advantage types that clothing you best. Alive what you charge will accumulate you on clue so that you don't get absent and end up affairs some added casework that you don't absolutely need.

Online quotations are the fastest and easiest way to acquisition the everyman prices for car insurance. However, accumulate in apperception that amount is not the alone agency to accede if affairs advantage affairs because of hidden costs you may apperceive annihilation about. If you accept a reliable agent, he can advice you accept the appropriate action and acclaim reliable companies.

All companies action discounts, and you can save a ample sum if you are eligible. Students, for example, can annual themselves of a abatement if they are able to advance a defined brand average. Don't alternate to ask your abettor what his aggregation offers, but you can get the advice on your own through the Internet if he isn't actual helpful.

The primary purpose of allowance advantage is to awning costs that may be incurred because of an blow whether you advised it or not. Take into annual advantage banned and claimed abrasion claims if selecting the advantage type. You're now accessible to go online and access estimated quotes from altered companies. Having done the groundwork, you are now bigger able to analyze advantage and quotes offered by anniversary company; allotment the best should be easy.

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Real Estate and Realtors Where Investment Property Is Prime

With over fifty thousand people flooding into the Phoenix metropolitan area each year, the fifth largest city in America is growing steadily. However, home prices are still relatively low for such a desirable area. Over two hundred golf courses in the Valley of the Sun plus mountain and desert sports make this community a fantastic place for athletes. The urban economic opportunities appeal to up and coming business graduates. Everyone loves the 325 days of sunshine a year. Investors will find a large number of 'bargain' homes on the market through foreclosures or short sales. Phoenix and Scottsdale realtors are poised and ready to help Phoenix real estate investors make a killing through either rental properties or rehabbing houses and selling them for a profit.

This is a great time to get in on the Phoenix real estate market because the housing sector in the area is just starting to come out of the recent recession. Pricing for single or multi-family homes is still low. Investors looking to rent out properties will probably find more bang for their buck with multi-family homes in great urban locations. Phoenix and Scottsdale realtors can help investors zone in on the best areas for young executives, college students, and families that will need close proximity to education, work, social interaction, and good school districts. Though the initial investment on multi-family dwellings will be greater than for a single family residence, the monthly cash flow is greater, providing a better offsetting of the mortgage amount.

Rental Phoenix real estate properties also offer a more maintenance-free lifestyle than other areas of the country. Yards are often rock gardens with cacti that require very little water or upkeep. If investors want to live in another area, management companies can easily keep tabs on the rental properties in the area. Phoenix and Scottsdale realtors also team up with investors who specialize in fixing up houses and flipping them for a profit.

As a rule, houses that are in more exclusive neighborhoods or Phoenix, Glendale and Scottsdale golf communities will yield a greater profit when flipped than less expensive properties. The Phoenix area has plenty of these higher end properties that are going at bargain rates. Some residents bit off more than they could chew with their mortgage debt when housing prices were at their peak and are now in foreclosure or offering short sale transactions to get out from under that debt. Phoenix and Scottsdale realtors also list nice starter properties for new investors. +

Friday, December 6, 2013

The Best Insurance For First Time Drivers

You accept just anesthetized the active test. Affairs are, you aswell accept a car of your own. Can you now just drive to your hearts content? The acknowledgment is, No. Now, you accept to accept a car allowance that's just appropriate for you - bargain car allowance for new drivers.

Beware, though, as car allowance for new drivers are absolutely pricey. New drivers are statistically advised top accident drivers. Based on data, new drivers are up to four times added acceptable to accommodated a alley blow than a acclimatized driver. This may be due to poor active abilities that are yet to be acclimatized and polished. Thus, allowance companies allegation added for your allowance because the likelihood that you will be authoritative claims in the approaching is high.

But the alone way to brightness your active abilities is through convenance and absolute experience. Going to a active academy to canyon your active and licensure analysis is not enough. Additional training courses, though, may help. You can yield up arresting active program, for example. It will advise you how to drive abundantly and handle situations in all sorts of acclimate and alley conditions. The allowance aggregation will amusement you abnormally if they are fabricated acquainted that you accept accomplished and anesthetized this active course. This advance could up your affairs of accepting lower ante of premiums.

A alive best for a aboriginal car will be one that is not conspicuous, not ever big-ticket and not a sports car. These types of car are prime candidates for theft. A top adventitious for annexation agency top exceptional rates. Also, should you wish to accomplish modifications to your car, accomplish abiding that they will amp up the aegis and assurance appearance of your car. The added safe and defended your car is, the cheaper the allowance will be.

If you are a new disciplinarian and a student, accepting acceptable bookish annal will aswell account your affairs of accepting bargain car allowance for new drivers. You just accept to authorize and amuse the insurer's requirements to get the discount. Having acceptable humans surrounding you will aswell be benign to your cause. There are academy communities that can account of accumulation discounts on insurance. Accomplish abiding that whoever you acquiesce into your car is "good" - that means, no booze or drugs of any anatomy accept to be accustomed in your automobile.

Your acclaim account could aswell access the amount of your insurance. If you accept acceptable acclaim continuing and apple-pie acclaim record, the adventitious of accepting a bargain car allowance for new drivers is better. If you do accept a acclaim card, use it wisely.

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