Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Comparing Chinese Real Estate and Dubai Real Estate Markets

Chinese and Dubai real estate markets have many things in common. They both kick started at almost the same time, the amount of construction work seen in Dubai and China at that time was seen nowhere else, both economies have seen a constant upsurge despite recession all over the globe and a healthy growth rate has been witnessed in both Dubai and Chinese property prices throughout these years. By comparing these markets, we can get an idea on what sort of changes we can expect in near future.

The beginning:
Dubai real estate market soared in 2002 when foreigners were allowed to purchase and own properties on freehold basis. Chinese real estate market started to show signs of growth in 2001 when China was all set to enter WTO and Beijing was announced as the host of Olympics 2008. The governments of Dubai and China have invested heavily on infrastructure since then and many investors' friendly laws were introduced.

Since the beginning, both the economies and real estate markets of Dubai and China have grown in tandem. The sustaining factor in Dubai economy has been its oil reserves and tourism industry, while the China excels in exports. Both of them have seen stacks of foreign investment coming into their economies.

Great momentum:
Real estate markets in China and Dubai have shown a robust progress in demand and prices. Both have their mortgage markets performing really well unlike the mortgage crisis seen in major real estate markets like United States. As stated above, there has been a lot of spending on building infrastructure like roads and airports. Governments are actively involved in making all the right moves needed to maintain this momentum.

Amazing Architectures:
If Dubai has amazed the world by some of the most marvelous designs in real estate, China has not been far behind. Dubai has Burj Dubai as the world's tallest building; China came up with a magnificent 101-story Shanghai world financial center. Ski Dubai is regarded as one of the largest indoor ski resort, while National Swimming Center "Water Cube" is equally unique. Dubai rotating skyscraper stunned people all around the world, so did the design of Central Chinese Television CCTV in Beijing.

What the future holds:
The boom is almost over in Chinese real estate market, while Dubai market is also showing signs of losing the pace to some extent. Although, there are predictions of growth getting a little sluggish, there is still some room for growth in both real estate markets.

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