Friday, November 8, 2013

The Boosting Lahore Real Estate and Its Prime Property Projects

The city of Lahore is one of the most vibrant real estate sectors in Pakistan. It holds a prominent position in the country because it is a political, cultural, entertainment as well as an economic hub. Lahore is undoubtedly the cultural heart of Punjab and features various historic sites that are known worldwide for their rich history and grand architecture.

Lahore has a boosting real estate!

The city is densely populated due to better law and order maintained by the authorities. Since, as compared to other cities, people find Lahore secure, modern and affordable, the demand of Lahore property has always remained high. This is why the influx of people in Lahore is increasing with every passing day.

Over the past one decade, many industrialists and businessmen from cities such as Karachi, Faisalabad, Gujranwala, Sialkot and Gujrat have migrated to Lahore to enjoy better lifestyle and secured environment for their families. But the city experienced real boost when People migrated from Karachi migrated here. The value of property in Lahore real estate has increased 30% in last one year. In order to accommodate the growing population, Lahore is expanding with various new property projects in its outskirts becoming part of the city.

Three prime areas to live in Lahore!

I have been living in Lahore for more than five years and I have seen almost all housing societies the city. Despite the fact that many lush and luxurious property projects have now been added in various parts of Lahore, I would prefer living in DHA, Bahria Town or Gulberg. It is because life at these areas is convenient and comfortable and value of property here is not affected by economic and political turmoil observed in the country.

Defence Housing Society

DHA Lahore, a rich class housing society, was originally built for providing residence to the army people but now it has become a premium society for the potential residents and businessmen alike. DHA Lahore Pakistan features elite residences and perfect commercial properties in its various phases from 1 to 10 with phases 9 and 10 currently under construction. Lahore DHA is home to various branded stores, restaurants, schools and universities, hospitals, medical centers, gyms and gift shops. The wide streets, clean atmosphere, high security, and better infrastructure in DHA Lahore explain why it is the most popular society in Pakistan.

Bahria Town Society

Bahria Town is also one of the posh societies of Lahore where property prices are devoid of fluctuating with dropping value of Pakistan real estate. The society is primarily built to provide perfect housing solutions to the rich and middle class people in Lahore. Divided into various sectors, there are elite and modern residences segregated in phases. From farm houses to traditional bungalows, and from economic houses to luxurious houses, you will find all types of properties in Bahria Town. The society also delights its residents with great health facilities, entertainment venues, parks, and the best commercial and business opportunities.

Gulberg, Lahore

Gulberg, Lahore is also one of the oldest and prime residential and commercial areas in Lahore. The area focuses on providing best dwelling and business opportunities to the elite class. Located at the centre of the city, the town is known as the fashion and cuisine hub in Pakistan. It is an exclusive area which features high end bungalows, urban shopping centers, gyms, fitness centers, swimming pools, sport centers, restaurants, and café's, offices and branded shops. Being ideally located in the centre of the city, the residents enjoy easy access to the various important shopping and business areas of Lahore.

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