Friday, September 13, 2013

How To Start Your Own Real Estate And Mortgage Business

Did you know that there have been more millionaires made from real estate then from any other opportunity ever? Did you also know what most millionaires have in common; there is one common link between them all it is that they are in business. Their own business!

This is a true fact if you want to become a millionaire you need to have a business, working from 9 to 5 for someone else will not make you rich this is just renting your time for a buck.

So what to do if you do not have the opportunity or cash flow to open your own business. Open your mind and think!

What is the one business opportunity, which has created more millionaires then any other business in history? Well it is the real estate and financial industry, which is something at one point the majority of people will need at least once.

Imagine betting educated in the business and getting access to the best real estate opportunities available on the market.

To make real money in real estate you need to have access and know where to look for properties, this is the real key to making big profits. Now that does not mean taking advantage of people in their weakest time. I believe that those investors that actually help people in the process are the ones that flourish.

There is one rule that I have always lived by is, (You must put back into the well for the well to always have water) How to you think you would feel if you were making real money and at the same time help people. I will bet you would feel great!

That is what the real estate business is suppose to be, I can look back over the 17 years of my career and remember all of the people I helped either get into their home or get out this is the greatest feeling. When you do a good job and people know that you had their best interest at heart, they do tell you.

I am going to tell you a great story just to give a sense of how good it feels to help people. Back a few years I was on Television I had a real estate and financing show that educated the consumer on owning and financing real estate, it was also a live call-in show. People would call in and ask questions that they had and did not know who to ask. The show allowed me to reach millions of people at the same time and give out the best information to the public.

Now back to the story! I had a call come into the show it was a woman who was living in a bad place and wanted to know if she could buy a home to give her children a better place to live. She did not have a clue as to go about it, so I ask her a few general questions, like job, and need.

I then told her to call my office number which she did right away, now I did not know her situation yet, so I set up an appointment for her to come into my office. When she came in I was able to ask her more private personal questions to figure out if I could in fact help her buy a home.

What she started to tell me blew me away! She was a single parent with two children living in a real bad housing complex smothered in drugs and crime. At that moment I knew I had to try and help her get her kids out of this situation. You see I am a firm believer; that the more you know that more you can help people and the more you help people the more you will make.

So as not to get into all of the details I tell you this, I gave her some homework and told her that if she did exactly as I told her to do I would get her and her children a new home. Just to make a long story short she did everything that I told her and in 45 days her family moved into their new home. Here is the best part that really made me feel like a million bucks. I went over to the house where she was living I had the papers for her to sign. When I walked the two small children were there and the little boy asks me what I had in my hand, looking up with big brown eyes. I looked at him and said that they were the papers for his new home. When the little boy looked up and me with tears in his eyes and said (MY NEW HOME), made me feel like I had never felt before.

Just to bring up to speed where this little boy was, the week before I met his mother the little boy and girl had seen their mother tied up in front of them and robbed. I knew at that moment what I had to do HELP!

Now this is where having knowledge and access to programs and homes, gave me the ability to help them get there home. If you want to be able to make big money get into the business and help people it will make you richer then you ever thought was possible.

Now getting into the business at time when the industry is in big trouble might sound bad! I say to you NO it is not, let me tell you why! In today's markets all over the country people are in trouble and need help, if is projected that there will be over 2 million foreclosures. This is a market in it self. The people who are in foreclosure need help and by helping them you can make a fortune and at the same time help them.

Think about this do those people who are losing their home still need a place to live. If you are in a position to help them by selling there home to an investor who in turn can lease the home back to them is this NOT helping the homeowner and serving the better good. This is called the Lease to own program!

Now here is where you can really make great strides in your own portfolio of real estate, all you have to do is purchase the home and then lease it to own back the person that is in trouble. It is a win, win for both parties!

How to you get into he business of real estate and financing in the shortest amount of time to capitalize on this huge market that is really growing. Well there is a way to do this in the shortest amount of time and make money. Get into the business of offering financial services. i.e. real estate, mortgage and wealth management.

In closing if you can help people achieve their personal wealth goals and at the same time help yourself it is a win-win for everyone and maybe you can have some fun in the process.

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