Saturday, September 14, 2013

Real Estate and Business Notes and Deeds

Hello, I'm Richard Dixon and I will introduce you to the fastest most convenient way to sell you're property no matter the location. We belong to a nationwide network of motivated buyers and sellers of real estate and business notes and deeds, available to the to the masses. Skip the real estate representative who is trying to find a buyer then hopefully the buyer can get the mortgage, please do yourself a favor do not wait for any bank to give anyone a mortgage in this economic environment. We hear time and time again how the banks are not giving out any loans to people or small business no matter how big or small and that's even after the government gave them the TARP money,which happens to be our tax money, they still won't give any loans unless you make great money and have no debt. What planet are the banks doing business on? That means if you're alive approximately twenty five years or more, let's face it, then you have accumulated some debt and guess what banks sell, "debt".

So I guess our reward for giving them all that money is higher interest rates, which is,guess what, "more debt". Our government tells banks to give mortgages, it's really only for first time buyers program that the government gives money to the banks at 0-1.5% interest on the mortgages. Listen up forget the banks forget the government, things will straighten out but you're not going to wait for them and neither am I. We also promote seller financing, so in the long run you make a whole lot more money for you're future, even without you financing you're note and deed we generate to the masses through our nationwide network of buyers and sellers, this network is most powerful tool in today's market.


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